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Carlsberg’s Brand Ambassadors initiative is a project that directly reaches out to the brand’s target customers at multiple retail outlets like restaurants, bars, pubs, etc. The project involves a lot of working in many different locations. In order to support the smooth day-to-day operation and keep track of the project performance in different localities, Carlsberg recognises the need of a robust inventory management system and comprehensive communication system that connects Ambassadors working in different outlets and supervisors stationing in the headquarters.

With the system LazyBug Studio developed, Carlsberg is now efficiently managing inventory, staff rostering, as well as customer relations. The system runs both on mobile devices as a mobile application and desktop computers as a web­based application. Equipped with a mobile device installed with the app, each Ambassador utilises the system as a mobile Point of Sale (POS) system which makes real­time stock taking possible. The Ambassador can also invite customers to participate in customer survey with the mobile app, enhancing customer engagement. Whenever the Ambassadors need support from the headquarters, they can make use of the mobile app to communicate with their supervisors from the headquarters by instant messages.

The Supervisors, on the other end, can check the stock inventory real­time and exchange instant messages with the Ambassadors by launching the web application on their desktop computers. The versatile system also allows supervisors to perform staff rostering online.

A number of periodic reports can also be compiled with the system:
 Staff attendance
 Customer Surveys