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Network Security

Lazybug Studio provides all-rounded IT and digital data security consultant services. Our infrastructure professionals aim to maximise our clients’ return-on-investment in their information technology initiatives so as to boost our clients’ competitiveness in the information technology arena. With their most up-to-date knowledge in advanced technology, Lazybug’s IT professionals identify clients’ needs and devise long-term solutions for their business development.

We provide comprehensive monitoring and analysis system to ensure the maximum safety and network security, with our excellent and flexible services level agreement which we can ensure our client with the best benefit. Our infrastructure team is at your service round the clock, we are here just to make sure the high system reliability and resolve your difficulties with IT infrastructure in the soonest possible fashion.

We are professional in designing and implementing Anti-DDoS and Intrusion detection protecting systems. The systems effectively help prevent DDoS attack that potentially lead to website offline, anomalous behaviours in email services, web applications, etc. To meet the needs of different business operations, we offer different levels of protection system.

To ensure the highest quality of our cloud computing and system hosting services, we set up secure data centres and cloud computing centres in various locations around the globe. With virtual computing technology, we are able to provide highly flexible and scalable server hosting platforms.